Kitchen hood suppression inspections are important!


Kitchen hood nozzle before.afterThere are very good reasons why kitchen hood suppression systems require inspections and testing every 6 months. Hood suppression is very different from a standard sprinkler system because they need to extinguish grease fires. Hood suppression systems are isolated – separate suppression agent, plumbing, trip sensors, and monitoring circuits.

Kitchen hoods can be extreme environments and because the suppression nozzles are mounted in close proximity to the cooking surface, they are subject to a wide range of exposures that potentially prevent them from operating efficiently, or even block them entirely. The picture featured in this post shows a nozzle that was 100% blocked by grease and grime before our team got their hands on it today.

We serve a lot of restaurants in the Greater Portland area and take your safety very seriously. Kitchen hood inspections require more than just checking dates and chemical charge pressures, so make sure your service provider is getting their hands dirty to ensure your system works as designed in the event you need it.