About Us

Signaling System Solutions, Inc started in 2006 as a low voltage service company specializing in fire alarm detection and monitoring systems. As customer relationships grew and the market needs became more apparent, the company leadership decided to specialize exclusively in fire alarm and fire suppression services. By offering all of these services under one roof, we are able to stay current with the ever-evolving regulatory compliance codes, and not be distracted by topics conflicting within our core competencies.

Early on, Paul and Frank established a simple set of core values that guided their decision making and helped grow a company they are immensely proud of. These values include statements about service, communication, fairness, and effectiveness. To this day, our team applies them to situations in their professional and personal lives.

When hiring new team members, we search high and low for individuals with exceptional attention to detail, team players with the ability to make smart, independent decisions, and a drive to always be better. By continuously refining our processes, and making sure every representative of our organization is focused on our core values, we ensure the highest quality service and satisfaction ratings in the industry while staying very cost competitive.