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Q: Who owns my fire alarm?

A: You do! It is your responsibility to have it inspected and tested on a regular schedule. Most importantly, you can choose who you want to do those services for you.

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Q: How often do I need my fire alarm and sprinklers inspected?

A: That depends on the system, but the duration should not exceed annual inspections of either system.

Q: How often do my fire extinguishers need to be replaced or serviced?

A: Extinguishers in commercial spaces are required to be inspected a minimum of annually and serviced or replaced every 6 years.

Q: Do I have a choice when it comes to who monitors my fire alarm and inspects my systems?

A: Yes! Make sure your service provider is certified to offer each service, whether fire alarm, fire sprinkler, backflow prevention, hood system suppression, or fire extinguishers and they communicate effectively. There are many regulations to stay current with, so choose a service provider who wants a long term relationship with you.

Q: Can fire alarm or sprinkler systems be quoted by building square foot?

A: Unfortunately not. There are many factors that go into a fire alarm or fire suppression system design – including, but not limited to: ceiling heights, number of interior walls, ceiling construction, number of floors, occupancy type, etc.

Q: What geography does Signaling System Solutions cover?

A: Our office is located in Camas, WA, which is just over the bridge from Portland, OR. All of our employees live in either Portland, OR or Vancouver & Camas, WA.  We guarantee a maximum 2 hour response time to any urgent service calls, which means we can meet that commitment for any customer within 2 hour driving distance. This doesn’t mean we will turn business away outside of that drive time, it just means we will adjust your expectations accordingly! We will still get there the same day, it might just take us 3 hours instead of 2, which you will still find faster than most of our competition!